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Áine O'Connor

Áine taught us all about her father's (Connie O'Connell's) book of compositions, Bóithrín na Smaointe (Memory Lane), which can be found in full here on the UCC website:

Tunes can be listened to in MP3 format, with Connie and Áine playing them beautifully accompanied by piano. There are many great tunes in this collection.

At this workshop, Áine taught us tunes in sets, as this is how she always learned music growing up. It makes a lot of sense to learn tunes this way.

Firstly, she taught us a slide set, "The Mouse in the House" and "Ben's Birthday". You can hear the stories of these tunes in the video of the workshop which has been uploaded to Viemo with Áine's permission. Following this set, she taught us a lively set of polkas, "The High Nellie and The Return of Youth".

Áine is available for private online lessons and can be contacted at:

The four tunes from the workshop are shared below. We'll surely play them at the next monthly session- and all of them after that too! Thank you for a wonderful workshop Áine!

Áine produced a fine album with her husband Francis on Flute, backed by Brian Mooney on Bouzouki. The album contains some of the most beautiful sets from the famed fiddle duet of Connie O'Connell and Denis McMahon, along with others from the playing of another legendary duo: Jon Joe Harnett (flute) and Moss Murphy (fiddle). I can't recommend this music highly enough. It is available here on bandcamp:

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Maire's working documents from when she made the Re Joyce album: "the gist of two hornpipes" (Track 4) from the collection -The Gypsy and My Fiddle

Máire O'Keeffe

Máire taught us great music she had picked up from Maurice O'Keeffe, Paddy O'Connell and Willie O'Connell. Máire generously shared a weallth of resources for the group to explore:

  • Two polkas which are transcribed on the Seamus Connolly Collection in Boston College. I don't know if people are aware of this amazing resource but its where Seamus gathered all his recordings that he had made over the years and also came over to Ireland and got lots of his musician friends to record tunes for him as well as musicians in the States who recorded for him also and this was all put into the Seamus Connolly Collection and published online by Boston College. It's a brilliant resource as you can download transcriptions of the tunes as well as listen to them being played.

Máire can be reached at for private lessons. A huge thank you to Máire, who has been so generous with her time, resources and knowledge.

Maurice O'Keeffe's Polka.pdf
Roseanne's Polka .pdf

Teddy O'Neill's Jig also which I often play after Fannings Jig and which came from the manuscript of Padraig O'Keeffe where he had written down the tunes for Paddy and Willie O'Connell.

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Frank Thornton's Highland.pdf
Mickey Chewing Bubblegum.pdf
Rhubarb and Ginger.pdf

Niamh Ní Charra

"A tune is like a Christmas tree. You have to make sure the ornament isn't too big for the tree. The ornament makes it nicer, but you don't want the ornament to be bigger than the tree. Keep your polkas and your slides nice an light."

Niamh passed on some valuable pearls of wisdom when it comes to playing in the Sliabh Luachra style and taught us lovely tunes from the great composer and musician, Terry "Cuz" Teahan. Niamh has a lot of experience in teaching students of multicultural backgrounds and is available for private lessons. She can be reached at

Her workshop today focused on her research and personal experience with Terry "Cuz" Teahan and her tribute album to Cuz is linked below. Niamh is also a prolific recording artist and the link to her latest album, Donnely's Arm, is also embedded. II recommend downloading her whole discography from Bandcamp- hours of great music!

Thank you Niamh for sharing your wonderful music!

I Made it to Winona.pdf
Coppermine Jig.pdf
Two Part Pour Polka.pdf

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Adrian McAuliffe

"You need to have rhythm in your music before anything else." Adrian taught a masterclass in phrasing and four very tasty tunes: Morrison's Geese in the Bog & Dinny Delaney's jig, Jacky Daly's reel and Denis Murphy's reel.

How Adrian visualises rhythm is fascinating and you can certainly hear it coming through in the lovely lilt to his playing: "When I play, I see a beat in my head. I can actually see a sine wave, and every tune will have a distinctive beat."

You can purchase Adrian’s duo CD with guitarist, Cathal Flood, on Amazon, and it is available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

Adrian kindly shared the following resources from his workshop:

Adrian McAuliffe plays Morrison's Geese in the Bog and Dinny Delaney's Jig.mp4
Morrisons & Dinny Delaneys Jig Coloured.pdf
Adrian McAuliffe plays Jackie Daly's and Denis Murphy's Reel.mp4
Denis Murphys & Jackie Dayls Reel Coloured.pdf

Eoin Stan O'Sullivan

"The heart and soul of music is your own music that you play for yourself and your friends in the kitchen. That's the most important thing." Huge thanks to Eoin Stan O'Sullivan for his words of wisdom and beautiful tunes shared at the workshop on February 13th, 2021.

Eoin is a musician with over thirty years of playing experience and he is totally in love with Sliabh Luachra music. Promoting Sliabh Luachra music is a big part of his career especially in recent years.

Here are some links Eoin wanted to share:

Top tips on polka and slide playing: "You should look for the lyrical melody within the tune, there's often a lovely song hidden in the tunes, so play them slowly and enjoy them"

"Keep it light and feel the bounce in the tune."

"Don't lose the beauty by going for the high octane stuff".

Great tunes shared: John Crowley's and some other John Walsh tunes among them. Eoin has also generously shared a lot of resources on the irishfiddlessons padlet chat.

Dr. Aoife Granville

The Music of the Dingle Wren Tradition

Aoife Granville is from Dingle and has been playing both classical and traditional music since the age of 7. While in her teens she performed and toured with Kerry Chamber Orchestra, Dublin Youth Orchestra and Ceol Chiarraí amongst others. She went on to study Music in UCC where she was a member of fiddle group Fiddlesticks. Aoife was awarded with a Bene Merenti award from UCC for her contribution to traditional music and has won numerous prizes at Oireachtas and Fleadhanna Cheoil, including the prestigious Senior Flute title in 2003. She is currently the traditional flute tutor in UCC’s Music Department and is studying a research MPhil degree. Aoife released her debut album, Sráid Eoin Shuffle, in 2006.

Her second album, Saimhín Só, is available on apple music and in all good traditional music shops. The whole album is a treat for the ears, and she plays some gorgeous slides on it.

Aoife kindly agreed to share a recording of her workshop on this page for those who couldn't make it to the live event.

Aoife is a talented music teacher and is available for private online lessons. You can contact Aoife at:

Bryan O' Leary

The Repertoire of Denis Murphy

We had some of Sliabh Luachra's finest box playing on display today with Bryan teaching us some lesser known tunes from the repertoire of Denis Murphy. Bryan is a very talented musician and a teacher who knows how to get the best out of his students. He is available for private lessons via Skype and can be contacted at

Bryan kindly agreed to the recording of his lesson to share here for those who were not make it on the day.

Thank you Bryan! We hope to see you again soon!

Bryan's album with talented flute player Colm Guilfoyle is one of the best collections of Sliabh Luachra music available. The sets are carefully crafted and the music is just a joy to listen to. The album is available for download on Bandcamp and the physical CD is also available for order. I can't recommend this album highly enough.

Aidan Connolly

Bowing Masterclass

The wonderfully talented Aidan Connolly gave us a bowing masterclass on 08.08.2020 and kindly agreed to sharing it on the website for those who couldn't make it along on the day. Aidan gave us many tips and options for practicing bowing for polkas and jigs. Aidan is available for private lessons and can be contacted at

Thank you Aidan! We hope to see you again soon!

Aidan's duo album with fiddler John Daly is a fabulous listen and you can hear the masterful bow control he demonstrated for us in this workshop across all of the tracks. A favourite of mine is track 4, The Land Lubber/ Quarrelsome Piper. The bowing is exquisite.